Sunday, December 20, 2009


Build Your Own Phone/Laptop Charger Yourself
With No Phcn, No Generator, N
o Solar Energy at all.....

Dear reader,
I am here to expose to you a secret that has never being discovered by anybody or that which many

people take negligence to. The secret is on how you can build a charger you can be using to charge

your phone when there is no other alternative power source, such as PHCN, GENERATOR and

SOLAR power which is also known as Inverter.

It has being a long time now that Nigerians have been suffering from epileptic power supply; this has resulted in the paralysis of many major and small economic activities. For example, many companies that operate in Nigeria now depend solely on generators. Many other small businesses could not survive because of the nature of power in the nation. It is so unfortunate that phone charging has now become a business in Nigeria, we now have phone-charging kiosk where you pay N50, N40 or N30 to get your phone charged depending on area. As a business owner, you have to keep your phone power on all the time not to lose deals, but since there is no means to charge, the battery may go down. Charging your phone at charging bouts may be dangerous, as your phone may be taken by another person, or stolen.


In 2007, I was opportune to learn how to trade forex, after my thorough training, I went to GTBank to obtain a form for a domiciliary account. Then, I have a desktop computer at home and proposing to get a multilink CDMA data phone. When I'm writing out my budget, I discovered that I have left out power source, which is very important. Then, I couldn’t afford a generator. This challenge almost gave a stop to my dream of trading in the world largest market (forex).

Later, I was looking for a way to solve power out of these problems, before a friend came up with an idea; I remembered he said,

“if you were to be using a laptop, we could have been looking for a way to charge it when

there is no NEPA.

This opened my eyes into a device that we can put together to charge or

phones without PHCN. I can tell you that this is the best device and a new solution that would

enable you to charge your phone and laptop without any stress & problems of phcn and others electrical failure.

The benefit of this newly discovered method is that:

1. It is easy to construct(with step-by-step tutorial)

2. It is affordable

3. It can be used by anybody

4. It is simple to implement.

5. It has no side effect and it is durable and TESTED OK.

6. It is USER-FRIENDLY(which means it can be use at any time without fear)


With this techniques I have saved myself up to #1,000 weekly that I paid for buying of petrol to charge my phone & laptop because it will save you unlimited time, efforts and money spent on recharging your laptop & mobile phone with phcn, generators and inverters with frustrating power supply.

This is the first and last time such opportunity will be brought to
Nigeria and
if it will ever come up again, then it will be nothing
less than Fifty Thousand Naira. So grab it now. Another good part
of it is that you will get our
‘Beginning Of The Year’ give away BONUS.

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This offer is available to those are having
LOW BATTERY on thier phone & laptop all the time,
so if you are the one then go over to any GTBank
Bank PHB
branch nearest to you and pay #2,100.

Follow these steps to get your complete package now

Account Name: Olawale Daniel Tayo

Account Number: 404-452018-1590


Account Name: Olawale Daniel Tayo

Account Number: 205-012-9856

· Step 2: Pay the sum of the #2,100 into any of the above Bank Account.

· Step 3: Send an Email to or 08087779782

indicating, your name, Phone number, Bank paid into, Teller number, Branch, Date of payment And all Necessary details or call 08087779782, 08026889545.

· After confirmation of your payment, The Download Link will be sent to your email address


You are covered with 30 days NO BRAINER, NO QUUESTION, NO

BEGGING money-back-guaranteed

P.S. With #2000, you can now say GOODBYE to "LOW BATTERY” in

your neighborhood and business.

P.S.S. Remember to send a text to confirm if there is still a copy for you

before you make

any payment because we are planning of increasing the price very soon.

P.S.S.S. Take note that we have only 49 copies available for this promo

and after that the

price will shoot back to #5,700. Believe me, it is not a MARKETING GIMMICK.

SO TAKE ACTION NOW!!! Act wisely with this opportunity.

“He who is afraid of throwing a dice will never throw a six”